For Renters

Your report begins with an address history driven by your Social Security Number.  We call this our SSN-Trak component.  This is an important tool because it reveals all of the places where you have lived.

Your report also includes our BroadScreen component.  This is our multi-jurisdictional database of criminal records.  This component has over 1,400 individual sources of court records – including sex offender records.  All fifty states and territories are represented at some level. 

For those looking to rent a new home the package also includes an eviction history.  Using your name and date of birth the system returns eviction filings from the states in which you’ve lived.  Landlords will not rent to you if there is a history of difficulty in collecting rent.

Together these components represent the minimum of what landlords typically request.

The cost of this package is: $24.99



Other common components that you can add once your basic search is complete include:

County-level searches

The most accurate, up-to-date records are found at the county level.  Using your address history we provide you with the option to order county-level searches for any of the counties in which you’ve lived.

Landlords often use county searches to supplement high-level database searches.


HotCHEX Report

This report will return any history of checks written against insufficient funds (hot checks, bounced checks, etc.) using a national check fraud database.