Find out what employers see on your background report.

Reports includes: National Criminal Search, Social Security Check, Motor Vehicle Report and more.


See what Property Managers see when they do a background check.

Reports includes: Eviction Notice, National Criminal Search, Social Security Check and more.

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Know Before You Go

Imagine yourself ready to apply for a job or a rental property. You know that they are going to run your background check in order to qualify you. You apply knowing that you will pass with flying colors. You start to make arrangements for your new life when all of a sudden you are DENIED!

You are shocked! You feel embarrassed. You get angry because you can’t believe you have been denied. After you look into the reason you were denied you realize that the information in your background check is incorrect. Now you find yourself spending time getting your report fixed and by the time you are done the opportunity you were hoping for has slipped away.

We hear stories like this every day and it’s all because we assume that our criminal history is being reported accurately.  Find out what’s in your criminal record before you apply – know before you go.

The Truth About Criminal Records

TV shows and movies make it look so simple.  Enter a name or a social security number and a complete history comes up on screen.  In reality it’s a bit more complicated.  First of all there is no master database of all criminal offenses and second, most databases do not include social security numbers – which means matches are sometimes based on as little as first and last name. Have you ever searched your name on the internet or Facebook?  How many matches came up?  Chances are one of these same-name individuals has a criminal record.  Is their criminal past showing up on your report?