Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never committed any crimes.  Why should I check my criminal background?

Most consumers understand the importance of their credit report.  Of equal importance is your criminal history report. Many criminal court records do not include unique identifying information such as Social Security Numbers.  As a result, offenses committed by someone other than you can easily – though unintentionally – become associated with your name.

It is time for you to take control of your personal information.  The first step is to know what is out there that might be erroneously reported about you.   Don’t miss out on a job, housing or volunteer opportunity.  Your good name is worth protecting.  You already manage your credit, now it is time to go further and verify your past!


Are companies required to notify me if something shows up on my criminal background check?  If so, why should I run a check on myself in advance?

Companies are supposed to give you notice of any negative information that shows up in your history, but many do not.  Unfortunately, not all companies are aware of their obligation to share your background information with you.  Why get started on a bad foot?   Wouldn’t you rather walk into the application process knowing what information is possibly associated with you?   Why not walk in with a current report from a reputable background screening company in hand, and with explanations about false information that may be wrongly associated with you.   Walk in with the proof you need to say who you are and what you have done (or not done) in the past.

Don’t let others make life-altering decisions for you based on false information.  Take charge of your future.  Take charge of your name.


Other companies offer this service.  Why is yours any better? is powered by Trak-1, a pioneer in the professional background screening industry since 1996, who has supplied consumer reports to employers, landlords and non-profit organizations throughout all fifty states and U.S. providences.

Trak-1 is an active, accredited member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS).  Trak-1 delivers consumer reports to hiring managers, staffing firms, leasing agents, property managers, and leaders of non-profit organizations every day. With over 1 million searches being conducted each year, Trak-1 has been a leading advocate in the consumer reporting industry for establishing standards for professionalism, FCRA compliance and consumer protection.

Many internet-based instant companies out there claim that they are not governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).  They do this because, in part, they know their data and their systems do not meet the accuracy standards mandated by the FCRA and enforced by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) today.  While no company is perfect, Trak-1 works hard to deliver high quality data and to educate its clients and all of the consumers it touches about their compliance obligations and rights. wants to help consumers, too.

We believe your background data is valuable.  Trust a company that upholds the rules and manages data in compliance with trusted guidelines.  It is a big part of who we are.


How long does it take to get my background check report? 

In many cases, your report will come back within moments of your request.  When information comes back that is associated with your name, we will turn that information over to one of our information verification specialists.   They will dig deeper to determine if the information associated with your name is verified and is likely to be reported by other screening companies.   If it is, will report the information to you, the consumer.   This additional verification process can take as little as 1 hour but may take up to 72 hours or longer depending on the type of information associated with your name and the length of time it takes to verify that information with the original information source.   Our commitment to you is to let you know the instant we have completed our verification efforts.

Totally instant information without some level of verification can only come from non-FCRA compliant and sometimes out of date database sources.  Professionals use quality screening sources like Trak-1.  When it comes to your background data, you should demand the best.